Nature Journal: 31 July 2020 – A visit to Dryer Lake

In the year 2020, during the pandemic, I decided to spend my time learning about nature. I had a lot of time on my hands and no place to go so I started a Michigan Master Naturalists Course through Michigan State University Extension. It included a lot of information and lesson plans. Enough to fillContinue reading “Nature Journal: 31 July 2020 – A visit to Dryer Lake”

Crossing Lake Michigan: Sailing on the Inland Seas

When I arrive in Suttons Bay at 7:15 am on July 24, 2019, I find the crew already preparing the two boats for a planned 8:00 am departure. The Inland Seas and the Utopia will be making the 2-day trip together to Green Bay Wisconsin for the 2019 tall ships celebration but are now raftedContinue reading “Crossing Lake Michigan: Sailing on the Inland Seas”

Below the Mackinaw Bridge: Sailing on the Inland Seas

The date is July 6, 2016 and I’m standing at the helm of the tall ship Inland Seas, a two-masted, gaff rigged schooner like the ones that sailed the Great Lakes back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. I’m guiding her through the Straits of Mackinaw in northern Lake Michigan towards the bridge, into LakeContinue reading “Below the Mackinaw Bridge: Sailing on the Inland Seas”

Fly Fishing Rapid City’s Spring Creek

  The Black Hills is an island of mountains surrounded by prairie. Home to cold trout streams fed by spring flows. The Black Hills provide ideal conditions for trout. The majority of streams contain self-sustaining wild populations of brown and brook trout. Brown trout management in the Black Hills focuses on development of wild fisheries.Continue reading “Fly Fishing Rapid City’s Spring Creek”

The Schoolship and The Challenger

There is something nostalgic and even romantic about the Great Lakes and the big boats that come and go each day carrying their heavy loads to unknown ports. Maybe it’s because of the many stories we’ve heard of violent storms and shipwrecks, or maybe it’s because the big freighters seem to stay in service and our memories a long time. For itContinue reading “The Schoolship and The Challenger”

A Volunteer Schoolship Instructor

  I am just finishing up Schoolship training for the upcoming 2014 season which will begin the first of May. It is good to refresh my memory since it has been since last October, when the Schoolship season ended, that I was immersed in Great Lakes Science. It brings to mind my first year going through the training thatContinue reading “A Volunteer Schoolship Instructor”

Sun Dogs Courtesy of the Polar Vortex

Sun dog, scientific name parhelion       The Polar Vortex has given us above average snowfall this January, below zero temperatures, high winds, and now Sundogs. According to Wikipedia, Sundogs are commonly made by the refraction of light from hexagonal ice crystals in cirrus clouds or during very cold weather. These ice crystals are called Diamond dust andContinue reading “Sun Dogs Courtesy of the Polar Vortex”

Change of Watch at Inland Seas

  Tom Kelly being presented the ships wheel and Fred Sitkins on his left My wife and I recently attended a Change of Watch ceremony held at the History Center in Traverse City, MI. I had never heard the term “Change of Watch ceremony” before receiving the invitation from Inland Seas Education Association so IContinue reading “Change of Watch at Inland Seas”

Looking for insects along the Boardman

     Wednesday, October 9, was a great day for exploring the trails at the Grand Traverse County Natural Education Reserve and to identify bugs. Our Insects and Bugs class, part of the Northern Naturalist Program, was there along with our instructor from NMC. It was one of those beautiful, warm and sunny fall days that madeContinue reading “Looking for insects along the Boardman”

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