Frog and Toad Survey

The Michigan Frog and Toad Survey as described by The Michigan DNR, Wildlife Division-Natural Heritage Program:
” Michigan is home to 13 native species of anurans (frogs and toads). There is concern about the apparent declines and other population changes of several of these species. The Michigan Frog and Toad Survey was initiated in 1988 to increase our knowledge of anuran abundance and distribution and to monitor populations over the long term.”

I started my survey route #298 in the summer of 2015 which included 10 sites in the Boardman River Watershed. This survey is to be part of the Michigan Frog and Toad Survey which has just successfully completed 20 years of data collection. In 2015, my Survey Route #298, the Boardman Watersheds 10 sites, were part of the 1,088 sites surveyed in Michigan.

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