Steward of Northern Michigan Cold Rivers and Great Lakes
Steward of Northern Michigan’s Great Lakes and cold Rivers

Fly Fisherman, Conservationist, Amateur Naturalist

  For my love of lakes and streams, frogs and fishes, birds and bugs, and all of the animals in the forest, I am grateful to live in Northern Michigan where I can immerse myself in nature.


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  1. Hello Frank, this is Ellie Stevens/Baker, John Stevens’ daughter! Grandma (Kathy) told me to reach out to you. I am just now realizing how much we have in common, a love and deep appreciation for the natural world and all of God’s creations! I recently graduated with my Masters in Biology, and studied larval amphibian predator-prey interactions for my thesis. I spent many a rainy night out in the field surveying for calling amphibians. Since grad school, I consider myself a budding herpetologist and have a strong fondness of all things “herp.” I’ve spent much of my spare time hiking the appalachain trail in search of unique salamanders, exploring southeastern pitcher plant bogs and living by the Carolina coast where I get to see all sorts of wonderful marine life. Now, I live in Ridgecrest, CA in the middle of the Mojave desert (just north of California City) while my husband and I endure long-distance. I am working for a desert tortoise non-profit as their Preserve Manager. I am spending lots of time out in the desert, and it’s a whole new ecological world to learn and know. I’m also 2 hours away from Death Valley, near the beginning of the Sierra Nevadas, and very close to a lot of very cool geological sites here in the southwestern US. I have a website, that Grandma said you may enjoy. I am trying to create what you have successfully done: a website that captures my travels, photos, and scientific questions and presents it all in an accessible format to anyone who will enjoy it. I’d love to keep in touch, and exchange field/exploration stories. Feel free to email me anytime. -Ellie, a fellow biologist and lover of all things nature

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